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Place data files and recovery files on a shared file system or on Oracle ASM. For all installations, you must choose the storage option to use for Oracle RAC database files.

You do not have to use the same storage option for each file type. See Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation Guide to review storage options for installation planning. Storage and system administrators can see this chapter to configure storage for database files for an Oracle RAC database. To install Oracle RAC, you must configure shared storage for the database files and optionally the recovery files. The database fast recovery area must be located on shared storage.

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Provide only the required type and level of resource access to accounts to prevent insider attacks and misuse of permissions. Permissions assigned in ADManager Plus do not change the actual AD permissions of the user or group, so you can delegate file server management securely. Revoke the NTFS and share permissions that have already been assigned to users for specific folders and files. When creating a new Oracle RAC database using OUI, storing data files and recovery files directly on raw devices is not supported.

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This configuration is optional, to restrict user access to Oracle software by responsibility areas for different administrator users. Members of this group can use operating system authentication to gain SYSOPER privileges for any database installed on the server; this group is empty on initial creation. You can add users manually to this group after installation. You should also have installed the operating system, and any required packages or third-party software. This section provides a list of tasks that Oracle recommends you complete before starting Oracle Clusterware and Oracle RAC installation.

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You need to decide where you want all this data stored. The data can be stored on the file server, another server, or in the cloud. Do you want to know when someone accesses a file to view it?

  • Cloud-based software is typically paid for on a subscription basis.
  • Cloud-based software takes the infrastructure maintenance and burden of security off your business and places it with a third-party company.
  • While this reduces the expense and challenge of managing it in-house, you’ll just have to trust that the company is handling your data properly.

Do you expressvpn.down4you.software/ want to know when someone is copying files from the server to their local computer? Do you want to know when there is unusual activity occurring? These are just some of the questions you need to answer to determine what audit policies you need. Do not assign file or shared folder permissions to everyone. Giving users access to everything is a bad practice, especially in the case of permissions.

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