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IPhone — zrzuty ekranu bringing you nearer to the people and things you’ll love. — Instagram from FacebookConnect with buddies, share what you are around, or see what is new from the others all over the world. Explore our community where you are able to feel free to be yourself and discuss everything from the everyday moments to life’s stresses. Express Yourself and Join Friends* Insert photos and videos into your story which disappear after 24 hoursand bring them to life with fun creative tools. * Message your friends with Messenger. Share and join over what you see Feed and Stories. * Produce and find short, entertaining videos on Instagram with Reels. * Post videos and photos to a feed that you want to show on your profile. Find out More about Your Interests* Check out IGTV for more videos from your favorite founders. * Get inspired by videos and photos from new accounts in Explore. Decision Discover brands and tiny businesses, and shop products which are linked to your personal fashion. Some Instagram features be available in your country or area. Introducing new Messenger attributes from Instagram:* View TV shows, videos, and much more with buddies more than video chat with Watch Together. * Send messages and video chat with friends round Instagram and Presety Instagram pl Facebook. * Express yourself with selfie decals, chat themes, custom made emoji responses, and message effects. Deleting fan accounts ugh I do not need to sound rude but you should quit deleting fan accounts with no reason. Possessing a fanpage =/= Seeing. Folks work hard in their balances. They have friends . Their job is posted there. But one moment and all that just vanishes. I worked on my fan account so difficult. I’ve had it for over one year and I’d 7 thousands followers. However, I got disabled last week for”impersonating”. There are reports that actually ARE impersonating. You will find reports that post unsuitable stuff. There are bot-accounts. But instagram does nothing about it. Although I really like using your program I get really frustrated when I hear about fanpages that got deleted. What could I say- I cried for 2 hours once I discovered that my account has been deleted. And I can’t do anything about it. Regulations are absurd Generally I’m happy with this program, even if it has some disadvantages, like trashy algorythm, blocking for couple of days because of big activity. But, there is one specific that disturbs me so much – regulations. Simple historical post (non-political) can be unexpectedly delete because of swastika, or simply names such as”hitler” or”Himmler”

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